The Ultimate Guide to Taking Care of Your Tires with GYEON

Nothing rounds out a detail like perfectly cleaned and dressed tires. In this article we will explore the GYEON WAY to clean and protect the single area of your car with the most connection to the road: your tires.

Q²M Tire Cleaner

Like most areas of the car, the first step to the project is achieving a clean and contaminant free substrate to work on. For this, GYEON has developed Q²M Tire Cleaner. This is the perfect tire and rubber cleaner, being safe to use but very effective at breaking down grime and oil from the tire’s surface and pulling contaminant out from the pores of the rubber. Spray Q²M Tire Cleaner liberally on to the tire, working one wheel at a time.

Q²M Tire Brush

GYEON also produces a dedicated Tire Brush. This brush is ergonomically designed so that your hands don’t cramp up while working in tight spaces. And the bristles are designed to agitate the tire cleaner well but not damage any delicate or sensitive wheel finishes when used correctly. Scrub the tire thoroughly with the Q²M Tire Brush.

As you work Q²M Tire Cleaner into the rubber, you will most likely see the suds turn brown. This shows you that the tire cleaner is working, and pulling dirt grime and oils from the surface of the rubber. Rinse your tire and the tire brush thoroughly and repeat the cleaning process, starting with another application of Q²M Tire Cleaner. We want to repeat this tire cleaning process until the suds are white, and no longer brown. This tells us that we have removed all contaminants, oils, or old tire dressing from the rubber.


Now it is time to enhance the look and protect the rubber with the ultimate tire dressing from GYEON: Q² Tire. Q² Tire is the first of its kind in tire protectants. It is a gel that is SiO2 infused for long term protection, great repellency, and a healthy satin look.

To get the most durability out of this tire dressing heat the rubber slightly with a heat gun or hair dryer. This will allow the pores of the rubber to open and fully absorb the tire protectant. You don’t want a “hot” tire per say, just warm to the touch. 

Next apply Q² Tire to a Q²M Microfiber Applicator or Q²M Tire Applicator. Dot the product around the tire so we get even coverage. Massage Q² Tire into the rubber evenly and allow it to dry. Once you have completed all four tires in this way, it is good to go back over each tire with a small amount of Q² Tire to even out the finish and get even more performance. 

And that’s it! You have cleaned and protected your tires the GYEON WAY! Repeat this application every month or two or as needed. If you are looking for a top up of tire dressing in between applications of Q² Tire, then Q²M Tire Express is the perfect solution.