The Best GYEON Ceramic Coating For Your Car

We are often asked “what is the best ceramic coating for my car”? With five individual ceramic paint coatings in the GYEON DIY ceramic coating line the choice can be difficult! But with a quick understanding of what “best” may mean and a rundown of each product we will help you choose the best ceramic coating for your car in no time. 

So, what does “best ceramic coating” mean? Well, what does it mean to you? Does it mean the most gloss? The most slickness? The most protection? The longest lasting? Multiple layers? All of these attributes of ceramic coatings can be combined to create your version of the best ceramic coating for your car.

The two simplest ways to land on which ceramic coating might be the best for your car are by asking two questions. Are you a beginner or a seasoned DIY detailing enthusiast? And what type of climate is your car exposed to?


If you are a beginner, GYEON Q² ONE is the perfect choice. It is an SiO2 based formula designed to be wildly easy to use. It produces a ton of gloss and a very “wet” look to the paint. It is installed in a single layer with very easy wipe on and wipe off. And offers 2+ years of protection with proper maintenance. The surface is not designed to be exceptionally slick, but there are many ways to produce slickness like GYEON Ceramic Detailer. It will perform well against harsh chemicals. If this is your first ceramic coating, ONE is the choice.


If you are an advanced ceramic coating installer, the most technical ceramic coating in the GYEON line is Q² SYNCRO. This is a multi-layer coating designed to deliver the most durability and protection possible. The base layer is GYEON Q² MOHS which is then topped with GYEON Q² SKIN. This combination offers 4+ years durability with proper maintenance and the best of the best in terms of protection and looks.


If you live in a dry and arid climate, and you love slickness and surface feel, GYEON Q² MOHS is the best ceramic coating for you. This coating deploys an industry first: flouro modified polysilazane to offer incredible slickness, water repellency, and durability out of a single layer coating. Dry and arid climates are often very dusty. Having dust on the paint's surface at time of washing is an easy way to introduce swirl marks. By having an incredibly slick surface feel, MOHS will reduce the friction between the paint and your wash medium and reduce the chance of swirl marks. MOHS will last 3+ years with proper maintenance.


If you live in a wet or winter climate, contamination and water spots are a major issue. Maintenance is paramount, and you must remove contaminant as fast as possible from the paints surface. And a coating designed around extreme chemical resistance will help the effort. In comes GYEON Q² PURE. PURE holds the most SiO2 concentration by volume possible in a ceramic paint coating. This tried-and-true formula will offer a fighting chance against heavy chemical contaminants. It is applied in a thick single layer but can be layered for additional performance. The gloss levels are off the charts and the water repellency impressive. You will not find a slick feel to the surface. PURE will last 3+ years with proper maintenance. 

Have you put your finger on the “best” ceramic coating from GYEON for your car?