How to Apply GYEON Ceramic Coating to Wheels

Your wheels and tires are directly connected to the road, which means they constantly endure road grime, contaminants, brake dust, and debris. Applying a ceramic coating to your wheels offers a huge advantage, providing excellent protection from chemical damage and making them easy to clean. In this article, we will discuss the step-by-step process for applying GYEON ceramic coating to your wheels.

Deep Cleaning and Decontamination

To achieve the best results, start with a thorough cleaning and decontamination of the wheel's finish, both inside and out. Don't forget to clean the painted brake calipers if you have them. For maximum results, it is recommended to remove the wheel.

Decontamination with GYEON Iron and GYEON Tire Cleaner

For the decontamination stage, use GYEON Iron and GYEON Tire Cleaner. Ensure the wheels are cool to the touch and work out of direct sunlight, as high temperatures can cause the chemicals to flash and dry out, reducing their effectiveness. Generously spray GYEON Iron onto the wheel's finish, and apply GYEON Tire Cleaner to the tires. Use a safe brush to work both chemicals into the surfaces, loosening and agitating dirt and grime.

Preparing for Ceramic Coating with GYEON Prep

Once the wheels are decontaminated, prepare them for ceramic coating by using GYEON Prep. This product removes oils and lubricants from the decontamination stage, ensuring the ceramic coating bonds properly to the finish. Spray GYEON Prep generously onto the wheels and wipe off with a clean and plush GYEON SoftWipe EVO.

Pre Coating Degreaser

Applying GYEON Rim Ceramic Coating

Now you're ready to apply the ceramic coating. GYEON Rim is specifically designed to protect your wheels from road grime and high temperatures, while making washing the wheels fast and easy. Apply GYEON Rim to the microfiber applicator included in the kit, and coat one quarter of the wheel at a time, wiping off the product immediately after application. Continue until the entire wheel is coated.

Drying and Curing

Allow the ceramic coating on your wheels to dry overnight before driving. After this, you'll have a well-protected and ceramic coated set of wheels, ready to tackle the road with ease.

Following this guide to applying GYEON ceramic coating to your wheels will ensure they remain protected from the harsh elements of the road, making them easier to maintain and clean in the long run.