Q² Rim EVO – GYEON’s Wheel Defender

Likely one of the most common forms of vehicle customization in the modern day is to fit either a custom set of wheels, or perhaps even a winter set of wheels (climate permitting), and with some wheel sets costing up to tens of thousands of dollars, why wouldn’t you want to do everything you can to protect those and make them look their best? 2024 marked the entry of Q² Rim EVO – a reformulated, improved take on our classic wheel coating. So, whether you are looking to protect a brand-new set of HREs, make your winter wheels a bit easier to clean, or even give your factory-optioned wheels a boost in gloss and self-cleaning, let us talk about why Rim EVO would make an excellent choice for you.

Why Should I Coat My Wheels?

This is a question often asked by many people in the industry, and usually, I find the best way to answer this question is with another question – Why shouldn’t you coat your wheels? The wheels & tires on your vehicle are the only parts of the car (ideally, anyway) that are in contact with the ground surface 99% of the time throughout its lifespan; we will leave the 1% for service lifts and maintenance. As you may be aware, the ground is quite dirty, and aside from a few inches of tire rubber (or a foot if you have offroad tires), all the dirt & grime on the roads come directly into contact with your wheels. If you live in a snowy climate, this is especially important because your wheels will see the addition of road salt, snow, ice, and slush. 

Rim EVO Ceramic Coating


Alternatively, let’s say you have a performance vehicle with drilled and slotted steel brake rotors – these brake systems generate a healthy amount of brake dust and heat, which can embed brake dust contamination into your wheel finish and cause corrosion over time if left untreated. 

Ceramic coating your wheels is going to offer a thick, durable, temperature-resistant layer to your wheels that will add depth and luster to any wheel finish. Rim EVO is compatible with all wheel types (Gloss, Matte, Satin, Anodized, Powder-Coated, etc.) and will add a highly self-cleaning layer that boasts high chemical resistance as well. The results? Cleaner looking wheels for longer intervals in between washes, as well as much easier and safer wheel cleanings during those future washes.

The EVO Difference

Joining the EVO lineup of coatings that we announced back in 2022, Rim EVO is one of the most highly requested additions, and it is easy to understand why. Our EVO formulas have rapidly become industry favorites to many and have served as the first ceramic coating experience for many new customers as well. Rim EVO joins the battle and brings quite the arsenal along with it.


Compared to its predecessor, which was rated at 10-12 months of durability, Rim EVO now offers the same thick, protective layer of coating, but we have made it easier to install/use, while also increasing the durability to 18-24+ months. Also new for Rim EVO, is that it can now effectively be layered if desired – if layering, we suggest waiting a minimum of 1 hour between layers, or feel free to top off every 6 months as well.

Rim EVO boasts the same incredible temperature resistance as the former all-star and can even exceed temperatures of 800°C (about 1,500°F for us Americans) without damaging the chemical resistance or self-cleaning characteristics. Carrying a pH-tolerance between 2-11, this coating is more than equipped to deal with anything it may see on a daily basis.

Treat Your Wheels Right

Your wheels can take a lot of punishment in their lives - coating them will only help them keep fighting the good fight and make them look their best. As with all ceramic coatings, though, it is not a “set it and forget it” type product. Ceramic coatings require maintenance washes just like every other surface on your car to keep the coating performing at the top of its game. Feel free to check out my previous blog entry all about our Iron Wheel Cleaner which contains more info about wheel cleaning as well as special scenarios for special vehicles; as with all things, knowledge is power, so learning all you can about proper coating and coating maintenance will only help improve your experience as a detailer or weekend warrior. 


As we in the northern hemisphere fully embrace Spring and prepare for Summer, our friends down south should start seeing the weather cool down a bit, which presents perfect opportunities to either prepare for car show season or winter weather. Have a topic you’d like to see me talk about? Reach out to us and let us know! To stay most up-to-date on all things GYEON, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and for product guides and walkthroughs, subscribe to our YouTube channel. Until next time – Happy Coating!