The Rise of GYEON Mohs EVO

GYEON introduced a full new suite of ceramic coatings back in 2022 with the launch of our EVO formulations. While the old versions of coatings still performed quite well, we are constantly looking to innovate and redefine car care. Today, we’ll be taking a dive into our flagship coating whose status has been regarded as legendary in the car care community – GYEON Mohs EVO.

What is Mohs EVO?

Since the beginning, Mohs has been a powerhouse that delivered incredible results from its two-layer system; we’ve now taken that a step further with the industry's first fluoro-modified polysilazane base, which is still the only formulation of its kind for any product in the car care market. Allow me to explain a bit more about what the “fluoro-modified” part means – contrary to popular trends in the market right now, there is no fluorine “infused” into the product, nor is there anything floating in the bottle. Fluorine is used in the precursor stage to modify the molecules of the polysilazane before the coating gets bottled and packaged. Due to the nature of fluorine and its highly hydrophobic characteristics, this means not only an increase in durability, but also a VERY noticeable increase in slickness and water behavior. Oh! And did I mention it now holds the ability to be applied in a single layer? That’s right! No more minimum 2-layer requirements. It is important to note that 2 layers can still indeed be applied and will extend your durability up to 12 months, but a single layer application will hold its own for up to 3 years and possibly beyond depending on climate, maintenance, driving conditions, etc.

Application & Removal

Now, onto applying Mohs EVO – if you’re familiar with applying ceramic coatings, you’ll be blown away by how smooth it goes on, and how slick it immediately makes the surface. If you’re newer to ceramic coatings and plan to give Mohs a go, you’ll be relieved at how user friendly and easy to use it really is. The most important part of any coating is always the preparation beforehand; you’ll want to make sure that any-and-all oils, lubricants, waxes, sealants, etc. from a previous detailing or polishing stage have been removed; perform a degreasing wash if necessary, and finally, a thorough wipe down with Q²M Prep.

Q2M Prep and Removal

As with any ceramic coating, gently shake or tumble the bottle before opening and grab the included microfiber applicator; when beginning, apply a generous amount of coating to whichever side you choose to use – again…use a generous amount when starting. We want to make sure that the applicator pad is primed so we can apply a nice thick and wet layer of coating.

The trick to Mohs EVO is making sure enough coating is spread onto the surface and to not overwork the coating once it is applied; Mohs EVO has a very clear removal indicator that can be missed if the product becomes overworked. The optimal time to remove Mohs EVO is when you start to see the coating sweat or bead on the surface, which takes place within 30 seconds of applying the coating to the surface.

Not just Mohs EVO, but the entire EVO Coating lineup has been formulated to be as efficient as possible; a 30ml bottle and a single-layer application is designed to go as far as a 50ml used to – so if you’re doing any 4-door sedan or sporty coupe, 30ml will be plenty. If you’re doing multiple layers or applying to a larger vehicle such as a full-size SUV or truck, jump up to the 50ml bottle.

The removal step is very simple and straightforward. Use at least 2 high quality microfiber towels to ensure all excess material is removed to avoid any high spots; I recommend something low-pile such as the Gyeon BaldWipe for the initial “leveling” wipe, followed by a plush high-pile towel such as the Gyeon SoftWipe to pick up any leftover material.

Mohs EVO is the perfect work horse for someone looking to take their vehicle finish to the next level. The added slickness, noticeable darkening effect, and long-lasting water behavior make it a great choice for anyone looking to either try their first ceramic coating or achieve some serious water beading. All iterations of Mohs (including EVO) have been a long-time best seller for GYEON, and after installation, it’ll be very easy to understand why.

Mohs has some solid history amongst the ceramic coating community, and with the special fluoro-modified formula, it truly is a worthy successor to the previous versions. After applying, you’ll have a true industry-first coating that provides gloss, slickness, and hydrophobic properties that are second to none.

Post-Application Cure Time & Care

Once complete, you’ll have one insanely slick vehicle that is protected for up to 3+ years (48 months if two layers are applied). After applying the coating, you’ll want to keep the surface dry and out of the elements for the first 12 hours after the last panel has been coated. After those 12 hours, the vehicle can resume normal use. If rain sneaks into the forecast within that timeframe and a garage space isn’t readily available, apply a layer Q²M Cure or Q²M Ceramic Detailer to the surface to help prevent water-spotting on the surface. Refrain from washing or using any strong detergents on the vehicle for the first 14 days as the coating continues to fully cure. If an additional “Top-Coat” is desired, CanCoat Evo can be applied 1 hour after Mohs has been applied.

Once the 14 days have been complete, maintenance and care of the coating are just as important as the coating itself. To keep that freshly coated, glass-like appearance alive and well, it’s important to understand how to care for your coating both safely and effectively. As with any surface protection, a high-quality car shampoo that is PH neutral (such as Gyeon Bathe) should be used.

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