Achieve Instant Water-Beading – The GYEON Way

When it comes to vehicle paint protection/surface protection, I think there’s one characteristic that we can all appreciate and love… water beading. What better visual gratification than watching the surfaces of your car bead and throw water right off the surface? Ever since the earliest days of wax, a good water-beading characteristic has always been the most telltale indication that a surface has some element of protection applied. But what if you don’t have the hours that it can take to polish, wax, or ceramic coat? Enter GYEON Q²M WetCoat. It’s been a consistent top-seller in the GYEON lineup ever since its creation, and once you’ve used it yourself, it’ll become clear as to why. Let’s talk a little bit about how to use WetCoat and when to use it.

The Secret Sauce… What Is It?

wetcoat spray sealant

While the formula itself is a secret, WetCoat is officially categorized as a hydrophobicity booster. Formulated by a blend of unicorn tears and nectar of the detailing gods, you’re left behind with a quick and easy-to-use solution that adds instant hydrophobicity to all exterior surfaces. Yes, you did indeed read that right – instant hydrophobicity on the entire exterior of your vehicle; paint (glossy and matte), trim, headlights/taillights, wheels, glass, etc., you can apply WetCoat to your entire vehicle in as little as 10 minutes. Sound too good to be true? It isn’t – it truly is that simple. While WetCoat performs best as a topper to any of our ceramic coatings or waxes, it can indeed be used as a standalone as well. Not only will you immediately gain intense water behavior, but you’ll also notice a nice boost in gloss as well.

Using WetCoat – Easy As 1,2,3

wetcoat spray sealant

The application of WetCoat is where the product is truly worth its weight in gold. WetCoat carries a spray-on & rinse-off method of application that really is as simple as it sounds. Like any protection product, you’ll of course want to make sure the surface is clean and free of any dirt by performing a traditional two-bucket wash beforehand. Once clean, give your bottle of WetCoat a good shake. Some things to note with WetCoat are to never use it on a hot panel, never in direct sunlight, and never let it dry on the surface. WetCoat is a water-activated formula, so once you’ve given the car a proper rinse to remove all soap from your washing step, 2-4 sprays are all that is needed per panel depending on the size of the vehicle. Less is more when it comes to WetCoat – it can be easy to overuse it. Apply by starting at the highest point of the vehicle and working your way down and around. This helps minimize any chances of product overspray around the car, and gravity will do the work of pulling water downwards. There is no dwell time with WetCoat – you’ll want to spray the product in an even pattern across the panel and immediately begin to rinse. We generally recommend using a pressure washer with WetCoat, but a normal garden hose attachment will suffice as well – just be sure to use the highest jet setting and rinse a bit more thoroughly.

How WetCoat works is that once you begin to rinse, the formula is activated by water and carried/spread across the panel as you rinse. You should notice the effects taking place almost immediately. A quick tip I like to do is to add an extra spray to any high traffic/high impact areas on the car – generally around the wheel arches, splash guards, or even the front bumper if you live in a state with high bug populations. Although it is one of the lighter protectants in our lineup, it should only be used every 2-3 weeks depending on your environment and cleaning habits as it is still a high concentrate product. Using too much too often can result in the surface developing a haze and diminished water behavior. A personal favorite of mine is using WetCoat on my wheels. It’s a quick and simple way to add protection to both the face and barrels to make future cleanings easier and add instant hydrophobicity as well. It’s safe on all wheel finishes, so if you’ve got regular painted wheels, polished aluminum, or anodized bronze, just a few sprays on the face and in the barrel is all you need to keep your wheels clean, happy, and looking their best.

Experience WetCoat

wetcoat application

There’s not much left to say about this little magic orange bottle – the last thing to do is try it for yourself! WetCoat is a staple in my detailing arsenal and after you’ve used it once, I know it’ll become one for you as well. It’s the perfect choice for home D.I.Y.ers looking for an easy and simple protection solution, but also perfect for mobile or studio detailers looking for a fast and effective solution to add to their business. With its ability to be used on every exterior surface and be applied in under 10 minutes, it makes WetCoat the most versatile protectant in our entire product lineup. Follow us along for new product releases, in-depth product guides, and updates on our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok), and subscribe to our YouTube channel for a mix of all things GYEON. Have a specific topic or product you’d like to see us talk about? Let us know! But until next time… Enjoy!

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