Perfect Wheels and Tires - The GYEON Way

Nothing else rounds out a weekend wash session like a clean, fresh set of wheels and tires. There is just something special about seeing the mechanics of the brakes and suspension through a clean set of wheels bordered by cleanly dressed rubber, especially if you have an aggressive wheel and tire setup. Let’s take a look at cleaning your wheels and tires The GYEON Way!

What you should have:

You’ll want to have these products on hand for this weekend’s wash:

  1. GYEON Iron Wheel Cleaner: a powerful and fast acting wheel cleaner that will remove iron deposits 
  2. GYEON Tire Cleaner: a specialized tire and rubber cleaner that will remove contaminant and old dressings
  3. GYEON Wheel Mitt: an ergonomic and comfortable mitt designed specifically for wheels
  4. GYEON Tire Brush: a robust tire cleaning brush with an ergonomic handle
  5. GYEON WetCoat: a spray on rinse off sealant to provide dirt repellency and water beading
  6. GYEON Tire: a market first silica based tire dressing

Lets get started!

We are now ready to clean the wheels and tires! Always make sure the wheels are cool to the touch before beginning the process. This allows the chemicals in each product to interact with the surface and do their jobs well. If the surface is hot, the product will flash off and we won’t achieve the full result. Cleaning a hot wheel can also damage the wheels finish. 

Start with a thorough rinse of the wheel and tires. We do this to remove as much loose dirt and contaminant as possible before we introduce any chemicals or wash mediums. 

Wheel Cleaner

Once rinsed, spray a generous amount of GYEON Iron Wheel Cleaner on to the entire wheel. Iron Wheel Cleaner is safe for all wheel types including polished aluminum ones! As the cleaner dwells on the surface of the wheel, you will see it begin to turn purple. This is highlighting the iron ferrous particles that are being broken down. 

Once Iron Wheel Cleaner has been able to interact with the dirt and grime for roughly a minute, begin to agitate gently with the GYEON Wheel Mitt or your wheel brush of choice. Wheel Mitt is designed with a split structure so you can comfortably and easily get in, around, and behind the wheel structure. Rinse the wheel thoroughly when finished. If the wheel was exceptionally dirty you can repeat the process until there is no purple reaction, which tells you that the iron deposits are removed completely. 

Time for Tires

Now on to the tires! Spray GYEON Tire Cleaner generously onto the rubber and then agitate in straight lines and circular motions with the GYEON Tire Brush. This multi directional approach ensures that we access all of the nooks and crannies of the tire. The suds in this first round of cleaning should be brown which tells you that the oils, dirt, and old dressings are being removed effectively. If it has been some time since you’ve cleaned the tires, repeat this process until the suds are white which tells you the tire is perfectly clean. Removing all contaminants from the tire will also greatly improve the longevity and performance of your tire dressing. 

Tire Cleaning

Finishing Touches

With the wheels and tires clean, it is time to add some looks and protection. After everything has been rinsed from the cleaning stage, we can apply GYEON WetCoat to the wheels. This is a very easy to use and effective spray coating that will generate intense water beading as well as repellency of dirt and grime through to the next wash. Spray GYEON WetCoat onto the wheel while it is still wet. This is very important! Do not spray onto a dry surface. Less is more with WetCoat so you do not need to drench the finish in product. Just 3-5 sprays over the wheels surface are perfect then rinse them immediately and thoroughly. You will see the water behavior take effect right away. 


After the wheels are protected with WetCoat, it is time to protect the tires. GYEON Tire is an SiO2 infused tire dressing that provides real protection from dirt and grime, exceptional durability when applied correctly, and a healthy satin finish. GYEON Tire can be used as a “quick” dressing, but Tire Express is better suited for that! To give your tires the most protection possible, heat up the rubber just a bit with a heat gun or hair dryer and then apply GYEON Tire. Due to the heat, the pores of the rubber will open and allow the thick gel to absorb fully for the best looks and performance. Apply using the GYEON Tire Applicator

Tire Dressing

And that is it! Your wheel set up is now looking its best and is well protected The GYEON Way.