The Ultimate Trim and Plastic Protection Combo

With all the attention focused on shiny protected paint, it is very easy to forget your interior and exterior trim and plastics, but nothing quite rounds out a protection detail like well-finished trim. These surfaces on the car are also highly vulnerable, being extremely porous and prone to absorbing dirt and contaminants. If you let exterior trim and plastic degrade it can drop the curb appeal of your car’s appearance dramatically once it fades and turns white. So, let’s sort it out!

The two products that are directly focused on protecting and restoring your trim and plastic in the GYEON lineup are Trim and Preserve. Both have the same goal in mind but are built completely different from one another. So, which one should we use, where, and why?

The simplest answer is to focus Trim on the exterior plastic and trim and to point Preserve towards the interior and engine bay plastics and trim. 


Trim is a SiO2-based ceramic trim coating designed specifically to protect plastic and trim from heavy contaminant and prolong UV fading. It will also restore and darken the look of faded trim. Trim is well suited to handle the heavier dirt and grime as well as the harsher chemicals that the exterior trim and plastic will see. 


GYEON Q²M Preserve

Preserve is a water and resin-based plastic and trim protectant and restorer. It is perfect for interior plastic and trim as well as engine bay plastics. The interior of your car will have many different finishes and textures in play. Some will absorb protectants like Preserve easier than others. With water as the carrier and including a high-quality resin in the mix you can easily apply Preserve to the different materials and topcoats that have been applied on them from the factory.


How To Apply

Both products should be applied in the same fashion. Where pre-cleaning and prep is key to a high-quality and durable result. You never know what oily and greasy products may have been applied by the dealership or a previous owner. These products must be removed for Trim or Preserve to perform at their best. 

For this, we recommend a thorough cleaning with GYEON Vinyl Cleaner. This product is specifically designed to decontaminate and strip plastic and rubber, getting deep into the pores of the material and breaking down old products. Use a GYEON Brush or Scrub Pad to gently massage Vinyl Cleaner into the plastic trim. You may need to repeat the process several times. Then wipe up the excess product with a GYEON Microfiber. This decontamination process can also be done with the wash prep on the exterior trim and plastic. 

Vinyl Cleaner

After Vinyl Cleaner is done doing its job, we want to wipe down the plastics thoroughly with GYEON Prep. Vinyl Cleaner has its own set of detergents and cleaners that we want out of the plastic before applying long-term protection to the trim. Spray GYEON Prep generously onto the plastic and wipe off with a GYEON SoftWipe or BaldWipe. 

Once the plastic is clean it is time to apply Trim or Preserve. Apply either product directly onto a GYEON Microfiber Applicator. Work the product into the trim in circular motions making sure it absorbs evenly. Wipe off excess material with a GYEON BaldWipe towel. 


And that is it! You now have clean and protected plastic trim that looks healthy and will reject dirt and contaminants!

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