Understanding Ceramic Coatings: What Are They and Why is it the Best Choice for Protecting Your Paint?

Ceramic Paint Coatings have taken the DIY and Professional Detailing Industry by storm over the past 10 years. But what are they and why are they so much better than waxes or synthetic sealants?

A ceramic coating is an invisible layer of protection that can be applied to your vehicle’s paint, glass, trim, wheels, and interior surfaces. The two primary chemical ingredients are either SiO2 or Polysilazane, each with very different performance and application characteristics. These particles are suspended in a liquid solvent that once applied to the surface and exposed to the open air begins to harden into a non-permanent layer of protection for your vehicle. Ceramic coatings are designed to provide protection from harmful environmental impact. So why are ceramic coatings better than waxes and sealants?


The first key benefit of a ceramic coating is durability. A coatings life span is measured in years with proper maintenance and not months like carnauba wax or sealants. This is possible because the chemical makeup of ceramic coatings is capable of withstanding much higher temperatures than wax or sealant. High temperature is the primary catalyst for the breakdown of the bond between your layer of protection and the paint. On a hot summer day when the hood of your car is over 220°F, you can wash the wax off your car. Ceramic coatings are capable of withstanding temperatures five times that.


The second key performance factor of a ceramic coating is the ability to protect the car from harmful environmental conditions. Carnauba waxes offer nearly zero chemical resistance. Synthetic sealants are a bit better. But neither comes close to what a ceramic coating can offer in terms of chemical resistance. This means you have more time to remove things like water spots and bird droppings from your paint's surface before they permanently etch the finish. That said, no coating is bulletproof. We still must follow proper maintenance routines and remove contaminant quickly from the finish of your car.

By offering the long-term protection described above, a ceramic coating will preserve the look of your paint and other vulnerable surfaces. By protecting the clear coat and preventing the absorption of contaminant into the clear coat, a ceramic coating will allow the color layer of your paint system to shine through uninterrupted for the best possible experience of your vehicle's paint.


The icing on the cake comes in the form of extreme gloss, intense water behavior, and easy wash maintenance.

With GYEON ceramic coatings designed specifically for professional and do-it-yourself detailers alike, they are hands down the choice for maximum protection and durability when deciding how to protect your paint. Bye-bye wax and sealants.