Q²M Silk Dryer EVO


Introducing the Q²M SilkDryer EVO – the ultimate upgrade to one of the most innovative drying towels on the market! With a higher GSM of 530, the EVO variant outperforms its predecessor by boasting an impressive 50% increase in total absorbency. Plus, the reduced edges add even more functionality and make the towel safer to use on complex-shaped panels. Perfect for the discerning car enthusiast, the Q²M SilkDryer EVO sets a new standard in drying towels, delivering superior performance and unparalleled results.

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The Q²M SilkDryer EVO is a safe way to dry your car because of its advanced fiber technology. The silky-smooth gliding feature of the towel ensures a scratch and smudge-free drying process, even on the softest paintwork. Additionally, the tightly woven back of the towel stores impressive amounts of moisture, reducing the likelihood of water spots or streaks.


This towel has two unique fibers that work together to provide unmatched drying power. The long, pointed fibers draw up water from the surface, while the tightly woven back stores impressive amounts of moisture. This makes it one of the most efficient and effective drying towels available, delivering professional-level results every time. By using the Q²M SilkDryer EVO, you can maintain your car's finish to the highest standard with ease.


For best results, machine wash the item using a gentle cycle and a maximum temperature of 86°F. Avoid tumble drying, ironing, or using bleach, as these can damage the delicate fibers of the product. By taking good care of your item, you can enjoy its superior quality and performance for years to come.


Ensure you clean the leather well and remove any excess of your cleaner. We highly recommend the use of one of our Q²M LeatherCleaners. Make sure you proceed with a test panel before you apply the product to the whole upholstery.

TIP: Apply the product to one panel at a time and ensure even coverage. Do not wipe off. If you see the product drying unevenly, level the product without adding any more liquid. Check after 20 minutes, if necessary - wipe.



DURABILITY: >12months / 20K km

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Q²M Silk Dryer EVO