Wash Soaps: Which GYEON Shampoo Is Right For You?

The soap you choose to wash your vehicle with is just as important as the tools and methods that you use and arguably the most important chemical that you’ll be using on the surface of your vehicle. From soaps that add protection to soaps that decontaminate, there’s a correct soap for everyone and every task. Let’s splash into each GYEON offering and discuss their differences along with when each one should be used.

Ol’ Reliable // Q²M Bathe

A true gem in the car care community, and I don’t just mean that in the sense that the bottle is shaped like one. Bathe is the perfect all-arounder for completing a safe and effective bucket wash on your vehicle; it is going to be a near-perfect blend of detergents that creates a super-concentrated formula that can be used 1:500 in a wash bucket or even in a foam cannon as well – that’s about 10 pumps of product into a 5-gallon bucket. The suds that Bathe creates are thick, rich, and most importantly… very slick. Over 90% of paint defects occur as a result of improper washing. A two-bucket method, a soft wash mitt, or an efficient pressure washer can only partly guarantee success – Enter Q²M Bathe. The slickness that Bathe provides allows for your wash medium to safely and effortlessly glide over the surface, as opposed to dragging across the panel. “What is the difference?” you might ask… The difference is that it lifts and slides the dirt off the surface instead of being “pushed” by your wash medium – this results in a much safer wash with less chance of swirls or unintentional marring.

Gyeon Bathe is a gentle but powerful wash shampoo, and with it being PH-neutral, it can even be used on more sensitive finishes such as polished aluminum, nickel/chrome plated surfaces, or even anodized finishes. Since it is PH-Neutral, it will not harm your ceramic coating, wax, or sealant when used correctly. The shampoo is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to efficiency and user experience. If you have a vehicle that is fitted with carbon ceramic brakes, this would be my cleanser of choice to safely clean the wheels without damaging the brake system. With its classic aqua blue color and light refreshing scent, it makes this shampoo the perfect choice for daily drivers, exquisite exotics, and even collector classics.

Wash & Protect // Q²M Bathe+

Unlike other wash and wax, wash and seal, or wash and coat products, it was Bathe+ that got it right. Bathe+ was the first PH-neutral shampoo that contained SiO2. This shampoo is going to be a bit of a 180° from traditional Bathe in a few different ways – let’s talk about the differences. Bathe+ (due to the nature of SiO2) is going to produce fewer suds than Bathe and should only be used on a panel-by-panel basis. Due to the SiO2 content found in the soap, if allowed to dry on the surface, it can indeed result in high spots drying on the paint. Bathe+ is great at tackling light-moderately dirty vehicles but would still opt for one of the other shampoos in our line for vehicles that require heavy cleaning. Bathe+ is the perfect way to boost the hydrophobics of your base layer of wax or coating, but can also be used as a standalone protectant as well.

There are a few different ways to use Bathe+, and both provide incredible hydrophobicity and gloss. The first way to use it would be in a traditional two-bucket wash method – Simply dilute Bathe+ 1:500 just like traditional Bathe (about 10 pumps of product in a 5-gallon bucket) and use as normal; as I mentioned, be sure to work panel by panel – we don’t want any product drying on the surface.

The second way to use Bathe+ is going to be similar to the first, however, this time around we’ll be applying 3-4 pumps directly to our wash mitt and applying it directly to the panel. I generally only recommend this method for vehicles with light contamination, or as a “finishing” wash after a cleansing wash has been performed prior. Simply spread the product evenly across the panel that you are working on and be sure to rinse thoroughly. You should be able to see the visual difference in hydrophobicity almost immediately.

The third way to use it is my favorite way to use it – in a foam cannon. After you finish washing your vehicle, take about 5-10 mL of product and add it to your foam cannon – spray around the vehicle evenly, and rinse off immediately. This method I usually only recommend for those with enclosed spaces or can wash out of direct sunlight; since we’ll be applying product to the entire vehicle at once, it’s crucial to not let any product dry on the surface. The gloss and hydrophobics that this shampoo provides is incredible and it makes the perfect finishing shampoo for anyone looking to add protection quickly and safely.

Restart Your Coating // Q²M Restart Wash

Serving a similar purpose as Bathe+, Restart Wash is going to restore hydrophobics rather than add it. Restart Wash was a shampoo designed for decontaminating ceramic coatings and restoring their original hydrophobic properties. The way Restart Wash achieves this is due to the small amount of iron remover that we have blended into the formula. Being PH-Neutral, it can be safely used on all exterior surfaces without the fear of damaging sensitive finishes. Although it was designed with decontaminating ceramic coatings in mind, it can also be used as a routine shampoo on non-coated cars as well if you’d like a bit of extra cleaning power. Dilute it 1:500 in a 5-gallon bucket and use your favorite wash mitt like the Q²M Smoothie EVO.

Restart wash can also be used in a foam cannon as well if you’d like. Instead of 20ml of product as you’d use in a bucket, start with around 3 pumps of Restart Wash (in a 32floz foam cannon) and work your way up or down depending on how much cleaning power you need. Due to the iron remover component, be sure to rinse thoroughly. Restart Wash is a powerful and excellent cleanser that is perfect for those in more contaminant-susceptible climates that see plenty of rain, snow, road salts, etc.

Got Paint Protection Film? // Q²M PPF Wash

PPF Wash is a supremely underrated shampoo in the GYEON catalogue and is even a personal favorite of mine in the lineup. Although it is specifically formulated to deep clean vehicles with PPF installed, it is completely safe for all other exterior surfaces as well. PPF Wash is going to be similar to Restart Wash since it also has an iron remover in its formula, but its formulation is going to be a bit different given the job it was designed to complete. To put it simply, PPF Wash is going to contain more detergents than Bathe, but less iron remover than Restart Wash. The emphasis on detergents in this specific shampoo is because we want to be able to get a really deep clean into all types of paint protection films, and due to the “grabby” nature of urethane films, contamination can have an easier time sticking to the surface. The iron remover adds a bit extra decontamination power to the shampoo, which is especially helpful if you have a newer film equipped with a hydrophobic topcoat pre-installed. It can be used to deep clean vinyl as well if you have a car that is fully or partially wrapped. Following most of the GYEON line of shampoos, PPF Wash also carries a dilution ratio of 1:500.

The Big Guns // Q²M Bathe Essence

The final entry into our car shampoo category is going to be the most concentrated product that we carry – Q²M Bathe Essence. Boasting a very economical dilution ratio of 1:2000, Bathe Essence is a hyper-concentrate that can make up to 80 buckets of wash solution. Translating to roughly 5mL of product per bucket, this soap contains no dyes, fragrances, or gloss enhancers which makes it perfect for all surfaces and is even body-shop safe. With fantastic slickness and high suds/foam production, Bathe Essence is a great choice for use in a foam cannon or bucket wash. It is a PH-neutral formula that (when used correctly) won’t strip waxes or harm coatings. That’s about all there is to say about Bathe Essence – Pure. Slick. Suds.

Honorable Mention // Q²M Foam


Although it’s not a dedicated shampoo and should not be used as such, Q² Foam plays a big role in any maintenance or decontamination wash. With dilution ranging from 1:5 to 1:15, it’s an alkaline pre-wash that is effective at dissolving road grime and loosening dirt around the vehicle. This is crucial because you want to remove as much contamination as possible before touching the vehicle with a wash mitt. Safe on all exterior surfaces, simply foam from bottom to top, let dwell for up to a minute, and thoroughly rinse off.

A Soap For Every Occasion

Whether you’re someone looking to add some protection while washing or someone who is looking for a highly economical solution in their business, GYEON has an option for everyone. I hope breaking down each offering from us has shed some light on perhaps which one might serve you best. Have a GYEON favorite of your own? Let us know on our Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok! For future videos about products, events, or announcements, subscribe to our YouTube channel and always stay up to date with all things GYEON. Now that Spring is officially here, it’s time to get those rides fresh and clean for all the shows, cruises, and cookouts to be had this summer!