Exploring GYEON's Specialty Soft Goods

In the world of car care, the tools you use are just as important as the products. This is where Gyeon has you covered with a range of specialty products and microfiber towels that can make a huge impact on the way you clean specific surfaces. Let's dive into the unique features of LeatherWipe EVO, GlassWipe EVO, InteriorWipe EVO, and Scrub Pad EVO to see not only why they would be helpful in an enthusiasts arsenal, but tp professionals too. 

LeatherWipe EVO

LeatherWipe EVO is a low pile edgeless towel designed for working on, you guessed it, leather surfaces. Even though its low pile, it’s gentle on surfaces but super absorbent too. You will notice that it is white instead of the traditional Gyeon colors. This is to prevent any dye transfer from the towel to the seat. So no matter how sensitive your leather or leatherette is, even white seats, this towel is safe for all applications. Especially those white Tesla seats! Its absorbent nature also allows you to dampen the towel a bit with warm water when doing leather cleaning. This helps it pick up more product, like Leather Cleaner Mild, on the first pass without soaking the seat in the process. 

Leather microfiber wipe

You may be wondering "how is this different from our Bald Wipe?" Well the soft, suede-like texture and special weave make the towel more absorbent than the Baldwipe, allowing you to tackle the standard viscosity of a leather cleaner and the dirt its removing more effectively. Its great for other leather goods too outside of the automotive industry like shoes, purses, and bags for example!

GlassWipe EVO 

When it comes to cleaning glass surfaces, everyone and their mother have struggled to consistently get streak free glass. GlassWipe EVO is here to help you not keep smearing dirt around and creating those seemingly endless streaks. This specialized towel is designed with a unique weave pattern and texture. It was created to grab the dirt and pull it away from the surface while allowing your glass cleaner to continue cleaning the glass. At 390 GSM, its still very absorbent while allowing it to be more aggressive so you can cut through any grime on your windows easier. It was also made to be lint free so you don’t those tiny fibers all over your glass after cleaning the window. Pro-tip, using some extra glass cleaner and scrubbing the glass more will ensure the window is free of any dirt and grime so that when you go to buff the glass with the other side of the towel, its perfect every time!

Glass microfiber towel

Interior Wipe EVO

If you’re looking for something that can be an all in one, the Interior Wipe EVO is that towel. It has 2 different sides, one low pile and the other a medium pile, giving you the ability to choose which side to clean whatever material without having to switch towels frequently. Whether you’re looking to just quickly pick up dust, clean your leather, or even do your glass with the low pile side, this towel is super versatile. Like Leather Wipe EVO, it is also white to prevent any sort of dye transfer so its safe on super delicate leather or leatherette. This towel may look similar to the Polish Wipe, however it has been changed to be more absorbent and safer on all your interior surfaces so that you can do it all!

Interior microfiber towel

Scrub Pad EVO

Now, lets talk about one of my favorites, the Scrub Pad EVO. This super versatile pad has been specifically designed to quickly and effectively scrub your leather with the white side. Then pick up dust particles on the with the foam black side. If you’ve been looking for something to efficiently deep clean leather, you need one of these. They are also machine washable so its not just a 1 time use product as well. In your hand it feels like the perfect shape and size for you to have serious maneuverability while still covering a lot of surface area. The flexibility also allows you to do things like wrapping it around the steering wheel and safely remove deeply imbedded contaminants, without harming the sensitive stitching. The synthetic side of the pad also allows you to just spray a product directly into the pad and go to work! Pro-tip, if you find it getting extremely saturated, just rinse the pad, wring it out, and keep going! All in the name of efficiency.

interior cleaning scrub pad

There you have it! Hopefully now its clear that these products aren’t just nice accessories, they each have their own place in your detailing arsenal. Each product is designed with a specific purpose in mind, ensuring that whether you're cleaning leather, glass, interior surfaces, or tackling tough stains, you have the right tool for the job. Instead of re-upping on general towels designed for everything, up your game and get stuff designed for individual tasks to maximize efficiency. That statement holds up no matter if you’re a professional or a weekend warrior, they are simply the right tools for the job.

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