Mohs EVO & Pure EVO: Which Coating Is Right For You?

Mohs EVO & Pure EVO: Which Coating Is Right For You?

You’ve got your vehicle washed, polished, prepped, and ready for a ceramic coating…you walk over to the cabinet, open the doors, and reach out and grab Gyeon _____ EVO to seal in all your hard work & protect your finish for years. This article will help shed some light on which of our two best-selling coatings may be right for you. There are many factors to consider when making a ceramic coating selection, and it’s important to figure out what exactly you’re looking for out of a coating before purchasing. First, let’s take a look at both coatings and what they bring to the table; then we’ll discuss different application scenarios and why one coating may suit your needs better than another.

First Up – Mohs EVO

Mohs EVO is a completely transformed coating compared to its predecessor, and you can rest assured that these changes are all positive. Mohs EVO now boasts an industry first fluoro-modified polysilazane formula (a real mouthful); let’s talk a little bit about what that means exactly – contrary to popular trends in the industry right now, there is no fluorine “infused” into the product, nor is there anything floating in the bottle. Fluorine is used in the precursor stage at the molecular level to modify & bond to the polysilazane before the coating gets bottled and packaged. This change brings a vast improvements over previous incarnations of the coating while keeping it true to the Gyeon roots. Due to the nature of fluorine and its highly hydrophobic characteristics, this means not only and increase in durability, but also a VERY noticeable increase in slickness and water behavior. Mohs EVO can now be applied in a single layer and will achieve up to 36 months of protection, but you can elect to still apply a second layer to receive up to an additional 12 months of durability.

Pure Evo

The new and improved version of Pure is a welcomed addition to the lineup; the formula still contains the most amount of SiO² available in a ceramic coating, but where Pure improved is in its ease of application. Pure now has a 10-minute wipe off period from the time of application (depending on climate). This is especially beneficial, because although previous Pure was also very glossy, it required a lot more attention and had less room for error. With Pure EVO, you can confidently apply to half or full panels without worrying about the product flashing too quickly. This allows you to apply an insanely glossy & durable coating more easily without the fear of leaving high spot all over the vehicle. Now it’s important to note that high spots are still a risk with every coating but giving the user more time to work with the material makes it much less of an intimidating installation and easier to obtain the most gloss from your vehicle. Pure EVO achieves up to 36 months of durability from its single-layer application.

Which Coating Is Right For Me?

After giving a brief overview of both coatings, let’s talk about what situations would better suit which coating. Let’s get the easiest one out of the way first – Mohs EVO is going to offer a highly reflective mirror-like crisp *pop* in gloss, whereas Pure EVO is going to offer a dramatic wet-looking candy gloss similar to what you would find with traditional waxes/sealants. That being said, if you’ve got a show car & are looking to achieve the maximum amount of gloss, Pure EVO would be for you. Now let’s say you live in Nevada or Arizona with a white Tesla Model X, Mohs EVO will offer a highly reflective/brilliant shine, noticeable slickness, and very tight water-beading. Both coatings are going to boast a near-full PH tolerance from 2-11 on the scale, so you can expect excellent chemical resistance no matter which route you go – however, if you live in a climate that experiences snow like Colorado, New York, Michigan, etc. I would opt for Pure EVO; due to the high SiO² content in the coating, it will provide a thick and durable layer which will have more resistance to water spotting.

Still undecided? Let’s talk about a few more factors that can help you pick the coating that works for you. Ceramic coatings have developed a reputation over the years of being something that is difficult to apply & punishing if done incorrectly; with the release of the Gyeon EVO coatings line at the beginning of 2022, we aimed to create a coating experience that is not only user-friendly, but also delivers durable results like our customers have come to expect from Gyeon. The result is a lineup of coatings that are outdoor friendly, easy to use, and perform very well. While these two coating powerhouses are going to serve the same endgame of paint protection, the initial application and feel of the coating is where they differ quite largely. Installing Mohs EVO is one of the easiest & smoothest installs I’ve ever worked with, and if you elect to try it out, you’ll understand why too. Mohs EVO has a very clear and visual working signal to let you know when it’s ready to be removed; once applied to the panel, you’ll see the coating begin to ‘sweat’ or bead on the surface, which is the removal indicator for MOHS.

Although it’s easier to see on darker colored cars, it’s still a very visual part of the coating. It’s crucial to not overwork the coating on the surface though; traditionally through the years, coatings have needed fully symmetrical crosshatch patterns that overlap 2-3 times, but that isn’t the case anymore. With the EVO formulas, they can be applied in circular motions, crosshatch, etc. – with Mohs EVO, if the coating is overworked, you will miss the ‘sweating’/beading indicator and can potentially leave the coating on for longer than you’d need. On removal of the excess material, you’ll immediately begin to notice the increased slickness just by towel feel alone; this is a confirmation that you’ve applied a nice and even layer onto the surface that has adhered properly.

Pure EVO is going to be a complete 180° experience from using Mohs EVO. We want the coating to go on thick and even. Where Pure EVO shines (pun 100% intended), is in its workable timeframe. Pure EVO has up to a 10-minute wipe off interval from the time of application. This is beneficial to both beginners and professionals alike! A longer wipe off interval to a beginner, means drastically reducing the chance of a high spot by allowing more time to work with & double check each panel as you work. For professionals, a longer wipe off time, means being able to get more panels coated without having to stop as frequently to buff/level the coating; this means being able to coat a full hood before removal, or let’s say you wanted to do a fender and half a door… no problem at all! This is all variable based on the humidity in your environment, but as a new formula, the ease of use compared to previous versions of Pure has been improved tenfold.

The application of Pure EVO can also be applied in any motion you prefer (circular, crosshatch, etc.) and you should work in sections you feel comfortable with. If you’re new to coatings, maybe start with half panels & work your way up as you become more familiar with coatings. The removal of Pure EVO is going to be different that Mohs simply due to their different formulas, but it is still an easy coating to work with, nonetheless. Contrary to previous version of Pure, the removal isn’t going to be as sticky or grabby as you might recall. Removal will require more effort than a coating like Mohs, but it’s important to remember that you’re installing a very thick layer a coating that contains very high amounts of SiO². Ultimately, Pure EVO has become a very efficient way to achieve very high gloss while making the installation experience very user friendly as well. Pure EVO should not be layered.

Happy Coating!

Both coatings are excellent choices for your vehicle & there’s no “wrong” answer, since both will provide amazing protection. Ultimately, the choice will be different for every person and every vehicle. I hope this article helped shed some light and aid in a decision for the coating that would be right for you. Here at Gyeon, we want to be sure we provide our customers with all the tools & information they need to both effectively take care of their vehicle while enjoying it at the same time! Follow us on Instagram & Facebook for all things Gyeon and subscribe to our YouTube channel to learn about products & how to use them – ‘till next time, Enjoy!